24 januari 2008

Medias trovärdighet om Gaza faller timme för timme

Sprängningen av muren mellan Gaza och Egypten som inträffade igår var förberedd sedan månader. Så vad hade då Israel med saken att göra? Medias trovärdighet faller timme för timme.

Hodja , Times Online , SvD , Sydsvenskan , SvD

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Knute sa...

“A top PA official in Ramallah told The Jerusalem Post that Hamas was “holding more than 1.5 million Palestinians hostage” in an attempt to rally the Arab and Muslim masses against the PA and Israel.

“Of course, we strongly condemn the Israeli measures against the residents of the Gaza Strip, but Hamas is also responsible for what’s happening there,” he said. “Unfortunately, the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are paying a heavy price for Hamas’s irresponsible actions.”

The official also accused Hamas of ordering owners of bakeries to keep their businesses closed for the second day running to create a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. “Hamas is preventing people from buying bread,” he said. “They want to deepen the crisis so as to serve their own interests.”

The official said that contrary to Hamas’s claims, there is enough fuel and flour to keep the bakeries in the Gaza Strip operating for another two months. “Hamas members have stolen most of the fuel in the Gaza Strip to fill their vehicles,” he said.“


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