29 augusti 2012

Invandringen ska inte bagatelliseras

Från Affes statistikblogg

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Knute sa...

Vet folket om, att politikerna infört dessa horribla paragrafer i Sveriges grundlag:

One only needs to have been a Swedish citizen for a few weeks to become a government minister. Before the revision it required ten years’ citizenship

The old rule that only Swedish citizens may become supreme commander of the Swedish armed forces is now revoked. An Afghan citizen may be appointed chief of the military at the same time as Sweden has combat troops in Afghanistan.

Sweden can no longer leave the EU – no matter if the Union is taken over by Nazis or Islamists. Previously it was at least theoretically possible to leave.

Nobody who has acquired Swedish citizenship can ever lose it regardless of what terrorist acts he may have committed. Previously Swedish citizenship could be revoked if a person had dual citizenship.

It now requires 10% of a municipality’s inhabitants to hold a referendum – before it was 5%.


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