24 maj 2015

Dagens Obama



"Det är inte islam utan den globala uppvärmningen som orsakar terrorismen." Obama till den amerikanska kustbevakningen. Och han sa det utan att blinka. Tundra Tabloids

Bild från Petterssons

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Knute sa...

Islam is not just an ordinary virus — it has all the characteristics of an autoimmune disease. The first thing it does when it invades a society is to find the institutions that protect the culture, discover how they work, and disable them. When the host society’s institutions have been significantly weakened, they can be converted gradually to Islamic institutions, after which the spread of Islam throughout the culture is expedited and accelerated.

It is commonly stated that Islam is a political ideology disguised as a religion, but it is even more than that: Islam is political malware. It is superbly adapted to invade alien political systems and convert them into replication machines for more Islam. The infection of Europe has now advanced sufficiently to allow the launch of thousands upon thousands of jihad vectors into other parts of the world.

Can a host that is already severely compromised by such a massive infection repair its immune defenses sufficiently in time to fend off the invader?

The chances don’t look good. The final outcome won’t be known in my lifetime, but if you’re under forty-five, you may live to see it — if the mujahideen let you live, that is.


Knute sa...

Man mobiliserar barn i åldern 8 - 12 år för kompisarnas indoktrinering.

The 8th International World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC) will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden from 29 June to 2 July.


Knute sa...

De som tror att Islamiska Staten nöjer sig med att härja i Mellanöstern tar fel. De planlägger något stort i Amerika.


Knute sa...

Nästa år är vi 10 miljoner i Sverige – IS-krigare inkluderade


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