14 januari 2018

Trumps världskarta

Tack Ann-Marie

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Socialister förnekar sig aldrig.
Se till att få Dick Durbin avslöjad!

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Pirro Blasts De Niro, Sean Penn: Anti-Trump 'Hatred Like This Puts Us in Danger'
Judge Jeanine Pirro ripped Robert De Niro, Sean Penn and others who have routinely said vile things about President Donald Trump.
Pirro said Trump's "haters" would rather see him fail than have him be the one to revitalize America's economic engine and international standing.
In an awards show speech, De Niro called Trump a "[expletive] fool" and a "[expletive]-in-chief." Penn called the president an "enemy of mankind" after he reportedly disparaged third world governments.
"Hey Sean, when did you stop beating your wife?" Pirro asked, adding that the "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" star's coziness with deceased Venezuelan Communist President Hugo Chavez is ironic in the face of his criticism of Trump.
"These Hollywood hypocrites are so full of hate, they would rather our nation fail so they can blame it on the president," she said.
Pirro questioned where Penn's and De Niro's outrage was when President Obama shipped pallets of cash numbering in the billions to Tehran, Iran.
"Your voices don't compare to the voices of forgotten men and women who live a normal hard working life," she said.
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Sorgligt att svenskarna inte tillåter andras synpunkter. Löfven håller på att inrätta ett "sanningsministerium".
Goebbelsproselyten Hanna Stjärne,SVT får säkert jobbet.

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